Happy Pi Day!!

Happy Pi Day!!


How could I not make pie for pi day? This was right before my excursion to NYC so as I didn’t have any fresh produce (fruits) on me, I made a quick, super sweet, Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Pudding, & Special Cream Pie!!

Quickly: I’m a student on the east coast, from the west coast, and by limits of what can be packed into a suitcase, do not have all my equipment with me.

No food processor = pastry cutter!! Actually pretty effective in getting even sized crumbs, after being mashed by a mallet of course.

The Crust…

“Special” Whipped Cream…

As you can see, it doesn’t look much like a pie. This calls for…….. rolling out some pie dough and baking a round lattice work…

Tada! A PIE!

And what is a pie, without it’s tartlet counterpart…!

Hope you had a delicious Pi Day as well!

(Baci observing the festivities)