Syracuse's Strawberry Festival

Syracuse’s Strawberry Festival

Syracuse had a Strawberry Festival.

“Strawberry” because there was only one vendor selling strawberries. At $6 a container!!

Fortunately, they also had strawberry shortcakes (free for students, yay!) and a bunch of other free baked goods.

Did I? Why, of course I did!!

Otherwise, there were just a lot of other local vendors out on the quad.

There was a maple syrup tent that was selling and giving out samples of MAPLE SYRUP COTTON CANDY!!

I don’t have any pictures of the cotton candy. I ate it too fast.

She looks like a little Strawberry Shortcake (the cartoon character!)

The shortcake crew, dishing out the cakes by the dozens:


Today, this Fran, is a happy Fran. Happy Strawberry Festival, everyone.

Even if it’s only on our campus ; )