Normally I like Blue...

Normally I like Blue…

It. Has. Been. Madness!!

As you can see, I am the lucky recipient of many, many blue screens of death. And that Baci is always sympathetic for these moments of @#*%!!

How is this happening? Well my 4 classes include Thesis and Studio. Those two alone, are enough to keep any student thoroughly occupied. Then throw in a few research positions, and a teaching position, and you have a very, very busy Francesca.

It’s okay, though.

I just sit all day and all night, at home, in front of her computers. I’ve got a pretty sweet set up. Desktop to the right, laptop to the left, widescreen monitor, iPhone perched under the monitor, playing some background tv show, pen tablet… sometimes I mix up the mice and wonder why it’s not working… both computers outfitted with processors for 8-thread renders, nvidia graphics (they’re both gamer computers!). I also spoil myself with cappuccinos and latte art with my “best purchase”, $5 espresso machine from a church sale. STEADY STREAM OF CAFFEINE.

It’s all good and fun until both computers start crashing.

My sweet desktop starts freezing consecutively. I don’t even know why. There’s no error message! It just freezes. For 30 minutes. Then I just force shut down because my patience level with computers rarely exceeds 30 minutes.

Now, my laptop makes an awful cricketing sound.
I swear it’s the hard drive grinding on something that is not supposed to be ground upon. It grinds louder, and louder, and LOUDER…
and then…
it DIES.

And I get blue. And I’m pretty fed up with this.

AND I’m sick. For several days, my body threatens to get to 104°F,  and sits between 103-103.8°F. You know what it’s like. Perplexing combinations of “I’m freezing” chills, with “My face is on FIRE!” Nothing I did would get rid of it completely.

Which, is fine, everyone gets sick now and then.

But seriously, the last thing you want to see, when your head is going to explode, your eyeballs feel like they are going to burst, shivering, and aching in the midst of huge deadlines, is THIS:

Over. And over. Again.

I don’t have time to be sick! I don’t even have time!

Extraordinarily unpleasant! Today, I had a skype crit with our studio instructor, and honestly I was terrified that any moment, the cricketing would start, crash, and ruin the skype discussion. Fortunately, my lovely (not even 1 year old) laptop decided to wait an hour after the meeting, to turn blue on me.

Why am I writing this? Mostly because when I’m out of school, working, and wishing for the “fun days of school”, I can look back, read this, and remember just how chaotic life gets in the second halves of semesters. It’s gross. No sleep, no time for food, the only taste in your mouth is either coffee, energy drinks, or gum. I enviously watch my dog sleep on my bed for hours. I should be doing that! I WANT to be doing that.

I’m thinking that then, I will smirk, and happily return to my regular working hours. Where you get paid to produce good work. Not pay, to work.

Anyways, I have a nice long list of things to get done by 8am (10 hours). I just made a latte and cappu, and there’s energy drinks in the fridge for backup. Now all I need is some good music…

… 238 days until I’M OUT!!